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We create CMS based responsive web sites. More information.


We offer internet stores and B2B platforms with unlimited number of products, promotions, sale tools and other modules like warehouse management and accounting. Find out more.


We create tools for people to communicate, interact and share their knowledge and interests in groups, societies and companies. Find out more.


If you need some functionality that you feel is missing for your site, or need help with a bigger project, just contact us and we can discuss the details.


Logos, company paper and business cards.


We offer full hosting service for your web project selected according to current site traffic so loading times are always optimal.


We help with site updates and service. All modifications are made thoroughly and fast. If you need help - contact us.


Adwords campaign should be the first step in making your clients find out about you. It gives you important data on your target group and conversion rate and allows better selection of keywords for the next step - SEO.


Our web sites are optimised for search engines from the start, but some additional measures should be taken to achieve higher positions in organic search results that directly influence the number of visitors on your site. We can do this for you, and if your site has been made by some other agency and lacks SEO we can also look into it and make it better.


We offer training in the field of creation and setup of web sites, starting from basic CMS admin panel functions and ending at complex programming procedures.


Web sites - details

An attractive web site is the base of your success in many branches. Often the first impression decides if the visitor will look at your site further and read it's content or not.

We practice design according to client's guidelines, technical specification or with our own invention, depending on the inpu level our customer wants to have. Every project has the following development levels:

  1. Establishing needs and targets with the client
  2. Preparing of an initial draft
  3. Preparing of technical specification (in the case of bigger projects where it is required)
  4. Graphical design
  5. Design adjustments
  6. Implementation: programming
  7. Adjustments and corrections
  8. Final decision and transfer to destination server

All our sites are compatible with Responsive Web Design guidelines, which makes them look euqally great on desktop and mobile devices. Content is also optimised for SEO, having correct HTML structure and all necessary tags.


We create online stores and more complex systems like B2B platforms and web sites that sell subscriptions, access or other non-standard products. Possible integrations include electronic payment gateways, external werhouse and accounting systems (if required, our store platform has those as well), newsletters and more.

Our e-commerce platform can be used to create a small shop that can be further extended with new categories, new sections and even new functionalities, as it is build of modules that can be switched on and off if needed. It is fully extendable.

Web portals

Web portals are usually bigger entities that match their creators' specific ideas and serve multiple purposes. Such complex and unpredictable projects have to be evaluated case by case, discussed and are subject to detailed accessment and creation of full technical specification prior to development. If you have a good idea, wish to assign professional resources to a completely custom project - contat us - we'll try to help you as best as we can.